Capital is the lifeline for every business large and small. Whether your business is in need of short-term cash flow or capital for business growth or acquisition, Capital Fortitude Business Advisors (CFBA) can meet your needs. 


  • Ability to serve incremental and larger clients
  • Eliminate or reduce the need to track late payments and accounts receivables
  • Fortify your balance sheet for better access to other sources of contracts and capital
  • Establish credit worthiness and economic viability with current and potential customers
  • Prevent misplaced or stolen checks
  • Receive cash more rapidly, without impact to your customer’s payment terms or relationship 

types of capital

  • Funding for business acquisition and/or sale
  • Opportunity Zone Funding
  • Commercial and SBA guaranteed lending
  • Surety bonds
  • Accounts Receivables

early payment

 We are dedicated to helping businesses completely eliminate their Accounts Receivable. Yes, it sounds revolutionary. But It is possible. Image how fast small businesses with timely access to capital could grow – and how fast the US economy could grow – if no one had to wait to get paid!  Our B2B payment system is redefining how businesses get paid.  With Now Account, you can get paid in a way that feels like accepting a credit card, even when your customers require an invoice.